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If you are not the person this mail is sent and if you accept this mail to error, please inform the person who sends the status of the status as urgently and delete this mail from your system.

Explaining, copying or distribution of this information is strictly prohibited. Contracts: It is a warning that employees are generated by e-mail, without being aware or accidentally accepted to accept any contract. Thanks to this warning, the contract in the mail does not connect the company in any way.

Example: This e-mail message Aytunç Marketing A. Viruses: If an employee sends an e-mail to another company to another company, the warning law can help the company self protection. Example: The company has taken all the measures that this message is required to carry a computer virus. There is no damage to the company’s obligation due to this mail. As another precaution, we recommend that you have any additional files from the mail through the virus control. Communication Liability: Legally, each suggestion is the responsibility of the company who is thrown from the company.

However, within this warning law, the company’s responsibility can be minimized. Example: Aytunç Marketing A. This suggestion belongs to the personnel of the personnel. Applying policies:. All employees are given a copy of the e-mail policy. Orientation in the process of compliance with new employees is also taught this policy. You will be almost no time to get to know each other in the hustle and the running, create a link by inviting to coffee or lunch in an informal manner.

If you can treat this person well you earn extra points. We have been introduced briefly before I know but I just wanted to tell you that I couldn’t wait to work here with you by sending a small note! If we can quickly talk quickly in a coffee or lunch break and get the time to get to know each other some more I would appreciate it. As you know, you will work between different departments with different departments outside your close working friends.

It is never the strange stranger that you can never touch someone and introduce yourself to you. So you’re the strange that you first deduct the circle on the first dating circle. Name and I have your new job title here. As far as I know here we will be working together on many different projects, I wanted to reach you and introduce myself in a nutshelf. I am more excited to work with all of you and I’m looking forward to meeting you in our future meeting.

Canada Unclaimed 16 September 16 September Canada I want to marry a lady who will want to legalize my age 4 May. News are most admired.

See all of them. Free friendship site. Welcome to the Eselves, Turkish Friendship and Primary Social Network, the primary social network serves as a completely free friendship site and will always be free. Primary users can send unlimited messages to make new friends from everywhere in the world.

News are online. Beware of scammers. Most People Here Are Scammers Especially The Females. of cyber crime.

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