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I’m writing to confirm the issue last week. I would just like to Confirm The Main Points We Discussed. I’m writing to confirm the basic topics we interviewed.

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I’m not very tall. Examples of English dating dialogue. Select: Hello, My name is selected. What is your name? Olcay. Start immediately improving your English with examples of English dialogue. Easily in the English mutual dialogue with dating dialogues.

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Congratulations that you have received for the general directorate position. I Want to Congratulate You On Your New Position. Have a nice day! Have a nice day. Pleased. He arrived in Hatay A Couple of Weeks ago. He came to Hatay a few weeks ago. Are You An Immigrant Or Are You Just Visiting Relatives? IT Took Me Eight Years to Get My Exit Visa.

It took 8 years to take the output visa. There are the Millers. I Must Say Hello To Them. I have to say hello to them. But I have a large number of problems for now. With my wife and my last. My Wife is a draftsperson. My wife is technical painter.

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